Great Leadership positively impacts an organisation’s capacity to achieve results.

Building strong leadership in an organisation depends on effective personal development – the organisation cannot develop unless individual leaders do.  Regardless of their current competency level, successful leaders engage in continuous self-development:  exposing themselves to new information and ideas, acquiring new skills, and seeking out new and challenging experiences.

Building on the experience acquired over the years while designing and facilitating an 18-month Leadership development program titled ‘Living Leadership’, HRCI developed a multi-rater assessment tool - the HRCI 360° –  specifically for executives.

Description of the Process and its Benefits

The HRCI 360° is an assessment process using a web-based questionnaire (available in both French and English) dealing with various leadership and management behaviours in the workplace.  It is a unique tool whereby a leader can get feedback from his/her employees, bosses, peers or clients who will provide useful and constructive comments in a non-threatening environment.

The Process

A first meeting is held with the leader who wishes to undertake a 360° assessment for development purposes. During this meeting we discuss the context, the process, and identify the individuals who will be invited to complete the questionnaire.

A formal invitation is then sent electronically to every individual on the list, inviting them to complete the questionnaire online in a confidential manner.  

After a period of approximately 2 weeks, a confidential report is produced for the leader undergoing the assessment.  

A feedback and coaching session (normally between 1.5 and 2-hour session)  is arranged with the leader with the view to share the results, discuss the meaning and initiate a leadership development plan.  Another coaching session is planned to discuss coaching requirements.

The Benefits of a 360° Feedback

  • Enhancing a leader’s self-awareness.
  • Assisting in the identification of areas of strengths and of areas for development.
  • Enhancing communications between the leader and the respondents.
  • Clarifying respondents' expectations of the person they are rating.

HRCI 360° Leadership Development Framework

The HRCI 360° instrument measures 17 leadership characteristics grouped into the four domains of leadership – Self – Relations – Results and Context.

Sample Report

Following is a sample of a HRCI 360° Multi-Rater Leadership Assessment in report: English French.


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