Coaching is an action-oriented - learning process for initiating and supporting change in people’s life through a process of discovery, goal setting and actions, leading to the realization of extraordinary results. Through coaching, people deepen their understanding of themselves and identify the range of alternatives available to them. They clarify the outcomes that will bring them more satisfaction, growth, freedom, and effectiveness, and achieve these outcomes.

As a coach, we use different approaches and tools all aimed at supporting their development. They include:

  • Working to build mutual respect, trust, and support.
  • Defining clear, measurable outcomes toward which the coaching program can be designed. 
  • Asking incisive questions that invite you into new ways of seeing your situations and opportunities. 
  • Providing clear and direct feedback on your development and opportunities. 
  • Sharing expertise in the areas of our focus together, and new tools and language for seeing yourself and your opportunities in fresh ways. 
  • Sharing learning strategies and actions plans that will support you in creating changes that will help you become more balanced, effective, and fulfilled.

Coaching outcomes are crafted to be specific, observable, and competency-based. While outcomes can be crafted around either professional or personal issues, these domains are usually intertwined. Here are some typical concerns for which coaching can provide support:

Professional OR Personal Issues
Finding purpose and meaning in work. Balancing work and other priorities.
Transitioning out of a job/career. Communicating in relationships.
Transitioning into a new position. Managing difficult emotions.
Managing time and priorities. Changing unhealthy habits.
Exercising leadership and management. Staying present and mindful in the face of difficult situations.
Improving communication. Releasing creativity.
Developing team and organizational performance. Developing focus, discipline and persistence.

In ourapproach to Coaching, we take a whole view of your development as a human being. We work together in such a way that you emerge observably more competent in the areas of your focus.