Houle Rutherford Consulting Inc. (HRCI) is a Canadian incorporated company in business since 1994. We work with senior executives, managers and employees both in Canada and internationally. HRCI has had experience working with organisations in the public, not-for-profit and private sectors such as federal departments and agencies, canadian and international companies, universities and associations. HRCI provides a range of services while supporting our ultimate vision of:

  • Creating Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces and
  • Promoting Psychological Health, Safety and Well-being in the Workplace.

In other words:  developing healthy leaders, healthy employees and healthy organizations:

We acheive these objectives through four core practices:

  • Creativity & Creative Problem Solving in support of change
  • Leadership Development - Using the 4 dimensions of Leadership
  • Coaching & Learning - Developing individuals, leaders and teams.
  • Workplace diagnosis and assessments.

Our domains of interventions are supported by specific tools, processes and assessments all of which play an integral part in our commitment to help people and organisations develop and grow. Our approach builds on a solid foundation of values and principles associated with the field of Organizational Development.

Our consulting process is to develop with the client a common understanding of the issues – challenges or opportunities arising from our initial research and diagnosis. We work with you to come to an agreement as to an approach or a strategy to address the issues and to move forward, and to concurrently develop the competencies and internal processes required to sustain the changes and to address organizational goals

To serve our clients we bring together the best people through a network of associates who are senior consultants and specialists (see our list of Associates). We offer our services in both French and English.

Please review our services and call or email us for more information about how we can best serve your needs.